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Rotary Oil Mill Machinery
Oil Mill Rotary Machines are rendered with highly exceptional attributes. These suffice as the highly serviceable as well as value-worthy apparatuses. These rust resistant products provided with elementary maintenance, unproblematic installation and persistent functioning. These have highly efficient oil milling as well as rotary technology.
Oil Mill Machine
Oil Mill Machines aid to make income in rustic areas and pave the way for several employment chances in the villages as well. Owing to their ease as well as affluence of handling, most of these apparatuses are made perfectly for village farmers and small entrepreneurs.
Marachekku Oil Machinery
Marachekku Oil Machines we offer come with cold pressing method and insure absolute functionality in all conditions. These value addition machines are apt for oil mill industry and have best extraction techniques. The machines are simple to clean and give the convenience of simple process.
Chekku Ennai Machine
Completely noise free and shock free in operation, the range of Chekku Ennai Machines is ideal for the cold extraction of various seed to obtain edible and non-edible oil. Some types of oil that can be acquired are blackseed, cottonseed, rapeseed, coconut, etc.
Ghani Machines
Ghani Machines have filter presses that are accessible to eradicate unwanted scums from the oil yielding. These are also featured with components that can remove fatty acids from the oil seeds. These come with superior extracting technology as well as effortless maintenance.
Oil Expeller
The expelling technology of Oil Expellers makes oil by simple ejecting and insures less land occupation. Also, these ensure less labor consumption and insure energy efficiency in all conditions. These are used in specialist applications, where small scale extraction of high value products is essential.
Destoner Machine
We provide optimum quality Destoner Machines, which are primarily serviceable for more Granules Processing Industries as well as Rice Production. The machines are applicative for removing stones scums as well as grading of all small millets of many products such as Rice, Peanuts, Dals, & other edible grains.
Copra Cutter
The Copra Cutters are rendered with beaters, which are the highly significant components by which clear-cut cutting of coconut copra can be accomplished. These are aided by shafts on which the blades are fixed. Render supreme output in less time and have blades made of strong steel.
Oil Seeds Crushing Machine
The Oil Seeds Crushing Machines are the modish technology based machines. The crushing parts of these machines can be simply rotated. These are applicative to extract oil from oil seeds such as Sesame, Sunflower, Mustard, Ground nut.
Neem Oil Extraction Machine
Buy our neem extraction machine in order to produce neem oil with nil preservatives as well as without variations in the chemical structure. This electrically operated machine has a motor that drives its press that extracts oil.
Edible Oil
Buy from us different types of edible oil that people can use for salad dressing and cooking. Mechanically extracted and processed oil are packaged in bottles. 
Get in touch with us to buy an impact pulverizer, a suitable semi-automatic machine to grind material into fine particle sizes. The material to be ground has to be manually added into the hopper. 
Detergent Cake Making Machines
Detergent Cake Making Machines are suited for making detergent cakes of good finishing. It has adjustable features and is made from mild steel. This semi-automatic machine is used to process the neem oil and others. It is robustly built and can resist rust throughout its service life.